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Mkittekatbloggen skriver:

Der findes ikke gavnlige effekter af amning. Den biologiske norm ER amning.

Der findes kun effekter af modermælkserstatning på forskellige parametre.

Hvorfor er denne sondring så vigtig?

Præcis ligesom det er vigtigt, at kategorisere konventionelle fødevarer som ikke-økologiske. Og ikke fokusere på gavnlige effekter af økologiske fødevarer.

“First of all, let’s remember that there is no benefit to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the biological norm.

That means that in reality, the health outcomes associated with breastfeeding are the bar to which health outcomes associated with artificial baby milk should be measured.

Thus the concept of risk-based messaging – as in, “the risks of artificial baby milk.”

But human beings are a bunch of tender, sensitive creatures, and research has shown that people don’t like risk-based messaging.

So we stick with “benefits of breastfeeding” knowing that this is a sort of disingenuous way to approach the messaging related to breastfeeding research/education/promotion.

I hate to sound like a teenager, but whatever.

If people don’t like the feels from reading about risk, I have no issue seasoning and presenting the information in such a manner that it is more palatable to the consumer. As a parent I know that sometimes you have to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, as the saying goes. This is just part of being human, communicating, and somehow getting through the layers of filters that we all have.”