Jeg har grubler over denne nogle dage – men …

Jeg har grubler over denne nogle dage – men Latched On MD skriver det så godt:
(Jeg kan oversætte imorgen, hvis nogen ønsker)

Another great analysis of the new AAP guidelines by one of my favorite evidence-based bloggers, Evolutionary Parenting!

Particularly interesting was her in-depth analysis of some of the data presented in the guidelines that demonstrate just how protective breastfeeding is against SIDS! This is a huge coup in these guidelines that are fraught with some issues in other areas, but the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 mo is a good one. Now, we just have to provide the societal support to go along with it! And of course…safe bedsharing…but I digress…

Citat fra Evolutionary Parenting:
“Breastfeeding has been recommended by that AAP, but never quite this clearly. In this report, they are clear that exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is recommended to protect against SIDS although any breastfeeding has been found to be more protective than no breastfeeding. The meta-analysis used for this recommendation[6] found that the multivariate odds ratio for any breastfeeding at any time point on “protecting” against SIDS was 0.55, the univariate summary odds ratio for any breastfeeding at 2 months was 0.38 and for exclusive breastfeeding was 0.27. What do these numbers mean? If we view breastfeeding as the biological norm that it is, the relative risk of any formula use is 0.65 (out of 100 infants who die of SIDS, 65 will have had formula), of formula use at 2 months, the relative risk is 0.72 (out of 100 infants who die of SIDS, 72 will have had formula at 2 months), and of exclusive breastfeeding, the relative risk is 0.79 (out of 100 infants who die of SIDS, 79 will have been exclusively formula fed or mixed fed whereas 21 will have been exclusively breastfed). On a population level, these are huge numbers and one reason why so many people are attempting to help support breastfeeding and women’s choices to breastfeed.”